Catalog of the book Color and Light – A Guide for the Realist Painter – James Gurney

Color and Light A Guide for the Realist Painter James Gurney
Color and Light A Guide for the Realist Painter James Gurney

chapter1: tradition

old masters` color
the academic tradition
open-air painting in britain
the hudson river school
plein-air movements
symbolist dreams
magazine illustration

chapter2: sources of light

direct sunlight
overcast light
window light
candlelight and firelight
indoor electric light
streetlights and night conditions
hidden light sources

chapter3: light and form

the form principle
separation of light and shadow
cast shadows
half shadow
occlusion shadows
three-quarter lighting
frontal lighting
edge lighting
contre jour
light from below
reflected light
limitations of the form principle

chapter4: elements of color

rethinking the color wheel
chroma and value
local color
grays and neutrals
the green problem

chapter5: paint and pigments

the search for pigments
charting pigments
warm underpainting
sky panels
transparency and glazing
palette arrangements
limited palettes
the mud debate

chapter6: color relationships

monochromatic schemes
warm and cool
colored light interactions
color accent

chapter7: premixing

mixing color strings
gamut mapping
creating gamut masks
shapes of color schemes
mixing a controlled gamut
color scripting

chapter8: visual perception

a world without color
is moonlight blue?
edges and depth
color oppositions
color constancy
adaptation and contrast
appetizing and healing colors

chapter9: surfaces and effects

transmitted light
subsurface scattering
color zones of the face
the hair secret
specular reflections
color corona
motion blur
photos vs. observation

chapter10: atmospheric effects

sky blue
atmospheric perspective
reverse atmospheric perspective
golden hour lighting
skyholes and foliage
sunbeams and shadowbeams
dappled light
cloud shadows
illuminated foreground
snow and ice
water:reflection and transparency
mountain streams
color underwater

chapter11: light`s changing show

serial painting
at the end of the day

chapter12: resources

pigment information
recommended reading

Online Color Pickers – Color tools

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ColorJack: Sphere (Color Theory Visualizer)

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